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Killyleagh Dwelling

This scheme constitutes a new build property situated near to Killyleagh.  The design is inspired by the forms, proportions and materiality of the local vernacular of flax mills situated near to the site.  The proposal sits on a triangular site with a T-shaped plan breaking down the mass of the dwelling into three interconnected elements to reduce the visual mass and to reflect the natural complexity of the 18th Century flax mills.


Elevations are kept as simple as possible, with a small number of large openings and simple fenestration reflecting the industrial heritage of the local vernacular.


The scheme has been designed to meet and exceed the RIBA Climate Challenge 2030 targets, with fabric choices to minimise embodied carbon, including local limestone walling, natural slate, locally sourced timber frame construction and natural sheepswool insulation.  Biodiversity measures are embedded in the scheme design through the incorporation of nesting points within the building fabric, as well as an extensive landscaping scheme to support and attract food chains for NI priority species.

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