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RURAL STUDIO was created around an ethos of being approachable, engaging and helpful. Above all else we are a practice driven by ideas. We believe all good design comes from a collaborative and open approach, and we enjoy working closely with clients, listening to their needs and generating ideas that resolve the challenges of each individual project.  

We are a RIBA Accredited Practice. This means we have committed to the highest standards of professional conduct including equality diversity and inclusion, quality assurance, health and safety, environment and employment. 

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RURAL: A Place of Innovation

It’s no doubt that the world events of 2020 have lead to a re-assessment of living and working environments and priorities, and a rapid acceleration of changes that were already underway.


There is a renewed focus on healthy environments for family and individual life, and creative and conducive work environments to supplant and sometimes replace the traditional office or workspace.



We believe in creating healthy, beautiful, and sustainable buildings in ecologically sound and socially connected environments.  We take a holistic approach, considering aspects such as daylight, indoor air quality and comfort as well as energy use and carbon footprint.



All buildings sit within a context of both historic and more recent forms and have an inherent relationship to the local landscape.  Landscape appraisals, topography, and local features guide our thinking when approaching a design and how it sits within, enhances and makes the most of a site.

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Whilst biodiversity is not often considered in the development of dwellings, the loss of habitat and damage to ecosystems is recognised as a major challenge and a significant threat to our environment. We believe if done sensitively buildings can contribute to the ecological value of a site through the incorporation of roosting and habitat opportunities, and through the careful consideration of siting and landscaping to maximise habitat creation.

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We are passionate about the opportunities of sustainable development and have pledged to commit to the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge of achieving NetZero in our building designs.  Our work is designed to protect and enhance the natural, built and historic environment whilst considering economic and social objective net gains.  

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