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Seaside Housing Development

Kyalami sits in an elevated situation overlooking Loch Broom and falls within the Ullapool Conservation Area.  The project involves a new dwelling built within a former grocery store yard, and the subdivision and alterations to a 1970s property to form two new homes (three in total).


The new dwelling is designed to pick up on design queues from traditional Scottish seaside housing, featuring a traditional roof pitch and regular, rational window openings within a white render façade.


The existing dwelling constitutes a large 1970s dwelling with a  mishmash of window sizes and positions.  The subdivision to create two new dwellings affords the opportunity to rationalise this exterior, introducing a regular set of vertically orientated windows in keeping with the conservation area. 


The scheme achieved planning approval in February 2020.  We’re particularly pleased with the write-up the Planning and Conservation Officers gave (to quote):


“The design is simple, well proportioned with traditional roof pitch and regular rhythm to its four bays. The external flues accentuated in contrasting stone is a good contemporary addition”


“The massing and scale of the proposed development would introduce a degree of consistency with both Kyalami and the later developments to the north on West Terrace and Seaforth Road and should enable a smoother and more effective transition into the conservation area. The proposed development may enable Kyalami to be seen in the context of a group of later development, rather than as an anomalous adjunct to a historic terrace, which would be a positive outcome.”

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