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Cable House, Ballyhornan

The Old Cable House is a former repeater station for the telecommunications network connecting with Port Erin in the Isle of Man via undersea cable, which served as a mid-point relay station in the telecommunication connection to mainland Britain.  The building was constructed in 1929 and was much celebrated as an integral part of the modernisation of telecommunications, operating until it was decommissioned in the late 1980s.

The property has been purchased by a young family for conversion to a family home for the use of the applicants.  The proposals are intended to sympathetically restore and convert the existing structure in order to create a sustainable family dwelling whilst restoring and enhancing the Art Deco grandeur of the original 1920s construction.

The existing window openings are to be re-instated, removing the bricked-up facings to reveal the original window proportions and glazing patterns around the building.  The external walls are to be finished with a through-colour silicone based white render, giving the property an appearance reminiscent of the similar era Midland Hotel .  The roof edge will be smartened with pressed zinc flashings to form a crisp modern edge, and with black rainwater goods to match.

Planning permission was granted in July 2024.

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