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Barn Conversion

The project involves the conversion of a 19th Century stone barn to a new dwelling, along with the replacement of the 1950’s concrete byre with a modern structure to create comfortable living accommodation.

​The brief for the barn was to incorporate kitchen, dining and living accommodation to the ground floor in an open-plan arrangement, and to create two bedrooms and a bathroom to the upper level.  The layout was designed to make the most of the existing large arched opening in the south elevation, and as far as possible to utilise the existing window positions and sizes to the north and south elevations.
The internal layout of the byre incorporated a third bedroom, living space and small kitchen for guest use, as well as a ground floor WC and shower room and a utility room. It was felt this new structure would be better suited to a contemporary element alongside the 19th Century barn with clear visual distinction between the two to maintain the integrity of the existing barn.  This approach allowed the new ‘byre’ structure to utilise highly insulating modern construction methods and to incorporate large openings to make the most of natural sunlight and passive solar gains to improve the energy performance of the build. 

Planning approval was granted in January 2020 and work commenced on site in summer 2020

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