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Banbridge self build

Situated adjacent to the family farm on a north-facing slope this project involved the creation of a new large family house suited to the exposed location and close proximity to a historic rath.

The design has been developed to adopt a ‘T’ shape to the overall plan with the ‘barn’ element principally housing bedrooms, and the ‘cottage’ element living spaces. This form allows the cottage to orientate to the entrance from the lane and to take advantage of both the south aspect for daylight and solar gains, and the north aspect for views across the drumlin topography towards the nearby rath.

The scheme was massed to reflect a grouping of smaller farm buildings, sitting in the context of the wider countryside as part of the overall farm holding, particularly when viewed from the nearby rath.

External materials were chosen to develop this idea, with the ‘barn’ element featuring a vertically orientated corrugated steel cladding on a limestone rubble plinth, and the cottage finished with charred timber cladding.

Planning permission was granted in October 2022

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